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At EZ Flow Gutters in Commerce, TX, we specialize in both 5" and 6" seamless gutter installation, gutter cleaning and repairing existing gutter systems. With our experience and equipment, we're committed to providing the best in gutter installation. We offer a large selection of baked-on colors to give your house the look you want. We can install gutters to ensure quality gutters that work when you need them to.

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Gutter Cleaning :

Making sure your gutter system is cleaned is a key step in ensuring a safe home & business. With our professional gutter cleaning, you get removal of debris from your downspouts, gutters, roofs and valleys, as well as a thorough inspection for your gutter system for leaking, missing brackets, and more.

A gutter system that is maintained improperly or poorly can cause various issues, such as compromised foundation, erosion, cause your siding to buckle, rotting wood, increase in mosquitoes and insects from standing water, and more.

To keep your gutters in perfect shape, make sure you contact us for a free estimate on cleaning, inspection, and possible repairs!

Gutter Replacement

Gutter Replacement :

EZ Flow Gutters is a professional and licensed full-service commercial and residential gutter installation and maintenance company. Servicing Commerce, TX and the surrounding areas and communities - we offer experience replacement for your gutter system and accessories.

If you're gutter system is 25+ years old, replacement may be a valid option to keep your home, foundation, and drainage systems in good repair. If your gutters no longer drain properly due to heavy volumes of leaking, broken brackets, missing parts, etc - it will no longer be able to handle large quantities of rain and weather.

You have many options when choosing materials and style of your gutter depending on your roof-type and personal preference. We offer 5" seamless Gutters, 6" seamless Gutters, with upgraded Stainless Steel Screw available on most of our systems. We also offer leaf protection options such as REAL Gutter Covers, and Powder-Coated Steel Mesh LeafGuard products.

Over 32 paint colors, with a lifetime warranty included on the paint for peeling or chipping --- not to mention EZ Flow is one of the FEW Gutter companies that carry an elbow bending machine with us on-site, which means we can make any type of elbow or custom offset we need to give your gutters that clean, professional look that is unique to your home or business.

Broken Gutter Repairs

Gutter Repair :

Repairing your existing gutter system is necessary, and can greatly extend its life and function. When you've got leaks, cracks, or other issues - making sure they are repaired in a timely manner, by a professional, will protect your home, office, or other building and prevent any further damage. You can contact us today to get a free estimate on repairs, and a thorough inspection for any problem areas that need immediate attention. When it's raining heavily, check your downspouts for a steady flow of water. If nothing is happening, you may have blockages or the gutter system is not properly pitched.

Sealing - Every 5-10 years, end caps, outlets, and seams should be resealed to prevent leakage.

Flashing - Flashing should be installed under your roof, and down the back of your gutter to prevent water from pooling at your foundation.

Proper Pitching - Your gutters should be pitched using a level, and by a professional so that water drains towards the downspouts.

Ice Damming - Over time, ice that melts and then refreezes on your eaves and gutters can cause sagging, major damage, and even interior damage if the roof begins to leak where water has pooled. To prevent this problem, gutters can be re-pitched, or ice prevention tools can be used. Contact us today to find out what's right for YOUR home or business.


We offer both 5" & 6" seamless gutter and leaf guard installation on new construction as well as replacement gutters on your existing structures.


Save yourself a headache and have leaf guards installed on your seamless gutters! We also offer gutter cleanout services.


We can supply you with your gutter repair needs. That way, you'll know your gutters work when you need them to.

We service Commerce, Texas and the surrounding cities and communities. Some of the cities we regularly service with gutter installation, repair, and more include:

• Bonham, Texas
• East Tawakoni, Texas
• Greenville, Texas
• Paris, Texas

• Quinlan, Texas
• Royse City, Texas
• Celeste, Texas
• Farmersville, Texas

• Mount Pleasant, Texas
• Princeton, Texas
• Quitman, Texas
• Sulphur Springs, Texas

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